Introducing: The Data Analysis Minor

The Quantitative Analysis Center has always had the goal of bringing together students from across different departments and disciplines through the art of data analysis. While data and quantitative analysis can be connected only to work in math and computer science, it is really a broad skill set that can complement work done in economics, psychology, sociology, English, and much more.

Pride yourself on wheedling down a chaotic data set? Enjoy making snazzy graphs? Love seeing stories unfold from visualizations? Finally, there is now a way to officially bring together the QAC’s programs and your main major. With the QAC Data Analysis Minor, these skills can officially be declared as a part of your college education. Overall, this five course minor requires one basic knowledge course; two courses that are either mathematical, statistical, or computing foundation courses; and two applied electives. Not bad, eh?

I know what you’re thinking. Finally there is a way to learn how to master messy data and make snazzy graphs and get credit for it on your college diploma. So what are you waiting for? Acquire this awesome skill set, enter the world of the QAC, and declare your data analysis minor today!