Should data scientists <3 emojis?

Within a sea of New York start-ups hides a data journalism lab that treats the heart tacked on at the end of your tweet with the same seriousness as its 140 characters. PRISMOJI, founded by ex-Facebook data scientist Hamdan Azhar, hunts and reports on patterns in tweet trends. From the Swift/Kanye debacle to Brexit, the … Read moreShould data scientists <3 emojis?

Data Ethics: Are these dilemmas really new?

As conversations around ethics of data usage grow, both on-and-off campus, different lines are being drawn in the sand. But it really is still a new frontier in that there are no standardized rules, and companies and organizations are encountering new dilemmas every day.

Although, that might slowly be changing. In March of this year, New America released a set of guidelines for the ethical use of data in higher education. Using data analysis to record and track university students has been a controversial topic, especially in the face of Trump’s immigration policies, as these data could potentially be used to out un-documented students. However, even before that there were concerns about how universities could and couldn’t use student data, and where the line was between their own gain and the students’ personal freedoms.

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Wesleyan’s 2017 DataDive: An Exploration into Activism through Data Analysis

On October 27-28, Wesleyan will host our first DataDive event. Similar to DataFest, DataDive asks people to get to know a dataset in a very short period of time. At the end of the weekend, participants present to the information’s owner some important insights and ideas on how this data could be used. However, where DataDive is truly different is its desire for volunteers to understand specifically how their data could be used for good.

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Consulting for the Public Good

“Consulting is a career where — these companies, what they offer is their people; their people are their product,” said Simon Chen ‘15, who during his time at Wesleyan was an Econ and East Asian studies double major, and is now an IBM consultant. “It’s not like they’re trying to sell iPhones, or sell computers … Read moreConsulting for the Public Good

The Hottest New Commodity is Personal Data

The Data Dollar Store was a shop that only accepted data in exchange for items. That’s right, data was this store’s form of currency. However, it wasn’t just data that this store required, but personal data. Appearing as a pop-up store in London in early September, the Data Dollar Store aimed to show people the true value of their personal data.

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